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TradePort System

TradePort Corridors are transformative developments that will form the cleanest and most efficient logistics systems in the world. Developed around advances in technology and designed as an integrated next-generation multi-modal model, the development of national TradePort corridors will radically enhance supply chain resiliency, increase competitiveness, and improve environmental conditions.

The initial TradePort Corridors all begin at the massive seaports complex in Southern California and extend to strategic inland markets along existing highway and rail freight corridors. These TradePort Corridors integrate ocean, road, rail, and air cargo movement via one purpose-planned system that is engineered to support seamless cargo movement over a clean energy platform.

Harnessing forward-technologies in clean tech, high-efficiency logistics management, and next-generation industrial investment district planning, TradePort Corridors are a critical element of a next-generation national freight corridor system. Three TradePort Corridors have been designated as Regional Infrastructure Accelerators by the US Department of Transportation who sees these projects as transformational to the national transportation, logistics and clean energy system.

With partnership from the USDOT’s Build America Bureau, the TradePort Development Team is creating an integrated pipeline of critical infrastructure projects along the I-5/CA99, I-40 and I-10 corridors.

The partnership with the Build America Bureau will assist the projects to leverage strategic public investment with private investment to develop innovative energy and logistics solutions that benefit both the wider national economy and regional economies.

This structured collaborative model sets a standard for large-scale multi-state private-public partnerships that aim to provide solutions to supply chain inefficiency while also supporting development of a strategic national clean energy platform for cargo movement.

TradePorts are complex public private investment systems, with strategic and modest public investments supporting clean energy, logistics, transportation and industrial investment infrastructure.

Developed as a systemic extension of the global seaports complex in Los Angeles, TradePort Corridors will provide an organized transcontinental structure for supporting higher goods movement efficiency than exists presently, while also accelerating the deployment of strategic clean energy infrastructure.

The TradePort Corridors  will provide significant time, cost and reliability benefits to shippers and offer state of the art strategic investment hubs for supporting distribution and manufacturing.

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