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Industrial Investment

Currently, there are few opportunities for manufacturing and distribution locations adjacent to high-service logistics hubs. The I-40 TradePort Corridor hubs will include Investment Zones with shovel-ready sites that will offer competitive opportunities for new economic development investment enhanced by vastly improved market connectivity, proximity to the Southern California seaports and sector-specific supply chain efficiency.This combination of logistics service, infrastructure and modern industrial sites will create efficient operational settings for high-volume distribution and manufacturing facilities.

The I-40 TradePort Corridor hubs are being developed to be thoroughly modern, next-generation industrial hubs and are being created to redefine how industrial development is planned and executed so as to be seen to local populations as amenities.

The design proximity of logistics hubs to shipper facility locations yields fewer vehicle miles travelled and creates tremendous positive impacts for air quality, noise, community impact and traffic congestion.

Another important element in The I-40 TradePort C hubs’ eco-system is skills development and education. Skills training capacity will be embedded within the hubs to provide companies with the ability to develop and maintain the critical skills needed to support their operations.

I-40 TradePort Corridor’s clean energy logistics infrastructure will offer lower transportation costs and increased cargo transit efficiency and reliability which are powerful advantages to certain manufacturing and distribution industry verticals, and when combined with the I-40 TradePort Corridor’s investment sites, will create significant economic development potential for the entire I-40 TradePort Corridor.

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