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TradePort Consortium

Development of a system of TradePort Corridors requires the delivery of a complex system of private investments. Though there will be important and substantial public investment in portions of the TradePort system infrastructure, it remains that the TradePort system and the development of TradePort hubs are otherwise significant private investment projects.

It is important to note that the development of this integrated system is comprised of multiple asset categories and that no one presently has the role and responsibility to develop this kind of integrated product. Toward addressing this, a robust combination of public and private bodies will need to collaborate to create such a groundbreaking clean and efficient system of assets, infrastructure and services.

GLDPartners has brought together a world-class group of private partners that include companies that are category leaders in a range of logistics service providers, technology development, equipment manufacturers, shippers, industrial infrastructure, and investors. Together, these firms represent an extraordinary aggregation of knowledge, experience, and products.

Each firm bring a very unique perspective and taken together, the TradePort Consortium provides business system design, product planning, and investment structure advice. The Consortium is actively participating in the design of the system and its individual products and is expected to participate as active players in the TradePort system.

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