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TradePort System

The TradePort Corridor system is a transformative development that will form the cleanest and most efficient logistics system in the world. Developed around advances in technology and designed as an integrated next-generation multimodal model, the development of national TradePort corridors will radically enhance supply chain resiliency, increase competitiveness, and improve environmental conditions.

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I-40 TradePort Corridor

The I-40 TradePort Corridor is a nationally important project that establishes the world’s cleanest and most efficient logistics system. Beginning at the Los Angeles seaports complex and extending across the United States, the first phase extends 805 miles to Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Supporting national supply chain resiliency for cargo movement, the I40TPC has been designed around advances in technology and planned as an integrated next-generation multimodal model to create logistics efficiencies

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Clean and Efficient

Clean Energy Platform

The I-40 TradePort Corridor is being developed over a clean energy infrastructure platform which supports both public and corporate larger goals for a decarbonized economy. Through its innovative platform and embrace of sustainable technologies, the I-40 Corridor will reduce fossil fuel use, criteria pollutants and GHG emissions, which are a key to minimizing the disproportional negative environmental burdens that exist today on the cities that border I-40.

High Efficiency Platform

The integration of cargo management systems and automated cargo handing technology throughout the I-40 Corridor, will deliver a spectrum of efficiency and reliability benefits to shippers that will be broadly focused on improving cargo velocity efficiency, reducing shipping costs, creating modal and carrier choice, and supporting the connection between logistics service, distribution, and production locations.

Industrial Investment

The I-40 TradePort Corridor hubs will include Investment Zones with shovel-ready sites that will offer competitive opportunities for new economic development investment enhanced by vastly improved market connectivity, proximity to the Southern California seaports and sector-specific supply chain efficiency. This combination of logistics service, infrastructure and modern industrial sites will create efficient operational settings for high-volume distribution and manufacturing facilities.

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The I40TPC is being developed by a unique array of public entities and private companies that have come together to create a product that is both vital to improving conditions for industry and important to support national and regional public policy objectives. This extraordinarily unique public-private partnership has broken new ground by the assembly of a delivery structure designed to develop an interconnected complex system of infrastructure at TradePort hubs over a wide geography.

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We’d like to engage with you to explain more about the project and are interested in your feedback.

For shipper businesses, please contact us to discuss how the I-40 TradePort Corridor can support your company’s supply chain efficiency objectives.

For logistics companies, we’re interested in speaking with you about your clients’ needs and how your company can become involved in the I-40 TradePort Corridor

For companies involved in the production of clean energy or the provision of clean energy to support freight movement and industrial development, we look forward to discussing the I-40 TradePort Corridor project and potential synergies.

For members of the community, we want to hear your ideas about how the I-40 TradePort Corridor project can best provide benefits to the residents of the I-40 TradePort corridor from Kingman Arizona, Winslow, Arizona to Albuquerque, New Mexico

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